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11/13/2016-SLV practice cancelled

Posted by [email protected] on November 9, 2016 at 4:50 PM Comments comments ()

I'll be teaching a seminar in Seattle that weekend.

Practice resumes the following Sunday!

Example lesson plan

Posted by [email protected] on November 9, 2016 at 4:45 PM Comments comments ()

HEMA lesson Plan (90 minutes)



A) Warm up 5-7 Min

1) Circle run, one minute each direction

2) Neck rotations, 10 per

3) Hip rotations, 10 per

4) Knee rotations 10 per

5) Shoulder rotation 5 per

6) Elbow rotations 5 per

7) Ankle circles 5 per



B) Weekly Basics 10-15min

1) 5 each forward and back Passing, Gather, Triangle steps (no sword)

2) Guard flow with passing steps (4 major guards, Longpoint and hanging point)

3) “scaled” basic cuts (over, under and middle for new students, Meyer drill for advanced)

4) Paired: Cuts vs. 4 Hangers forward and back, vs. complimentary cuts, vs. Hanging guard


C) Weekly techniques Variable

Week of 06/10/2016

1) Ringeck Wrath plays 16, 17, 18

a) Zorn-ort (10min)

b) Zorn-ort, schnappen to counter displacement (10 min)

c) Zorn-ort, wind to counter displacement (10 min)



D) Free Play Variable

Make sure free play has a goal; it’s not just competition. Newer students should follow a progression of drill, and not start in free play for several weeks.


E) Calisthenics and Cool down 15 min

1) 10 push ups

2) 20 prisoner squats

3) 25 crunches

4) 10 lunges per leg

5) “core 4” and hamstring stretches


F) Wrap up and questions Variable